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Otter Creek Brewing OUR STORY: In March of 1991, Otter Creek brewed it's first Copper Ale®. Otter Creek Brewing, originally opened its business at 616 Exchange Street in Middlebury. Four years later, the brewery expanded and moved down the road to 793 Exchange Street, where it resides today. With a 60,000-barrel capacity and plenty of room to grow, Otter Creek Brewing distributes its year-round and seasonal beer to fifteen states in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. In 1997, Wolaver's became the first USDA-certified organic brewer. At first a satellite brewery,Vermont's organic lifestyle fit the product that was envisioned, so Otter Creek and Wolaver's merged. The brewers worked with the organic barley and farmers in the area, and together they created an "organic beer market." Since 2002, all Wolaver's Organic and Otter Creek Ales have been brewed in Middlebury, Vermont. OUR BREWERY Otter Creek Brewery is proud to be front running in the American Craft Brewing Revolution. For over twenty years we have been committed to creating new and exciting craft brews for discerning beer drinkers. Otter Creek works with local farmers to source as many local ingredients as possible. We make all spent grain available to farms as feed for local dairy cattle as a valuable food supplement. Spent hops and yeast are donated to local farmers as an alternative fertilizer. In 2010, we expanded our brewery to meet the increasing demand for our beer while capturing energy efficiencies and maintaining Otter Creek and Wolaver's award winning commitment to taste and quality. As Mike Gerhart, Brewmaster puts it, "You don't have to compromise your passion for great beer, in order to promote sound environmental practices. We prove that every day, here at Otter Creek Brewery."
Vermont State Department of Tourism Vermont is open for bicycling and welcomes you to our beautiful state! From its winding, blacktop roads to quiet country roads, rail trails, recreation paths and back country single track, Vermont has an ideal venue for every variety of bicycling. Vermont was the birthplace of bicycle touring for adults. With its network of hospitable inns and quiet roads, Vermont provided a ready-made landscape for bicycle tours when Vermont Bicycle Tours was launched in the mid-1970s. The Vermont Challenge continues in this tradition of bicycling touring along the quiet country roads in south and central Vermont.